Artisan Services


Khamir identifies critical needs within each craft area. As a means to take a more holistic approach, Khamir works to resolve these needs with a series if intervention. These largely address the following…


The Social Security Program, which supports artisans in the areas of health insurance, locating social security cards and linkages with government schemes.

Credit Initiative, in which Khamir partners with various credit providers that can lend money with low interest rates to artisan communities. For Khamir facilitated orders, raw materials are often issued to the artisans on a credit basis that is later deducted from their payment for finished products. To mitigate some of the financial burdens and volatility, Khamir currently provides the option of short-term financing to artisan units via the form of advance payments against Khamir initiated orders.

Raw Materials Depot, which vends high quality, but difficult to find, raw materials at competitive prices. While the raw materials depot's users are primarily small and medium-sized artisan units, the depot aims to become a resource for all craft-producing groups.

Appropriate Technologies, are created which are innovative, low cost and evolved from the practice itself.

Skill Development with artisans to strengthen existing skills and develop new ones both within the practice of the craft, as well as in the work of marketing and running a business.

Craft Studios featured on the Khamir campus for weaving, dyeing and pottery, that are open for artisans to use, share ideas and experiment with other creative partners.