Hand Block Printed Masterpiece Auction

Kachchh ji Chhaap
500 Years of Batik and Block Print, An Exhibition at Khamir
7 December 2013 - 28 February 2014

Khamir’s mission is to elevate Batik and Block print as an art form and empower artisans to think innovatively and boldly. This auction is a unique approach that blurs the line between art and craft.




In October (Instead of September) of 2013, we called for masterpieces from across Kachchh through an advertisement in local newspaper to be put up in an auction honoring Batik and Block print. Answering our call, artisans pushed their creative boundaries to discover new techniques, designs, and approaches to block printing and batik. The resulting textiles were reviewed by a panel of jury familiar with local craft and textile markets.

Our jury process ensured that the masterpieces selected for Kachchh Ji Chaap (Instead of Khamir)’s auction were of the highest quality. These textiles demonstrate the careful printing techniques, strong understanding of dyeing, and inspired risk-taking of Creative (instead of master) artisans.